02 September 2006

Today was "THE" Moving Sale!

We invited the new owners of 20 Brookwood Drive, for a "sneak preview" last evening and they not only bought a few things, but we gave them a personal tour of the home, and pointed out various idiosyncrancies we thought they should be aware of.

Ernesto was in full bloom as dawn approached and we thought any idea of a sale was futile. Little did we realize, but the diehard garage salers were not deterred by high winds and downpours! They started coming one hour before the posted time! By days end when we tallyed up the receipts of Friday evening, six hours on Saturday and odds and ends we had taken to the auction, our grand total was $80 shy of 1K! This should buy a rather nice sofa, which was our goal! What is left over will be taken to the auction for a little extra in the New House Kitty!

(Know anyone who needs a sofa and loveseat? How 'bout a couple mowers or an oak entertainment center???)

Guess What?? Just as I hit the "Publish Post" button, the doorbell rang and some neighbors who had been by earlier wanted to know if we still had the Love seat. Well, this now brings our grand total OVER 1K!

The Lord is good, indeed!!


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