05 September 2006

We had our "initiation" into our new neighborhood on Sunday evening ~ and are we going to LOVE living there!

From what we've been told, every Labor Day weekend, The Neff family have an "End of Summer" block party. They furnish the Roast Lamb, snacks, Keg of Beer, assorted wines, soda, etc. Their son comes from New York with the Jazz Band he belongs to, and Lancaster Avenue is closed for one block. Everyone else brings a covered dish with either a dessert or a salad, and their lawn chairs. This started in their backyard 25 years ago and has grown to approximately 150 - 200 people.

Don and Stacie Main, the current owners of our new residence invited us so they could introduce us to the neighborhood. Before we went however, we spent time measuring various rooms and asking questions regarding our anticipated move. We could not be dealing with more delightful people! and their 2 year old daughter, Naomi, is a real charmer! We are more excited about this move than ever before. Five weeks and counting. . . . . .

Back to the Block Party. We arrived at the Mains about 4:30 and spent an hour with them. At 5:30 we all went outside where our new next door neighbor, Phyllis, was waiting with a couple from around the corner, Bud and Connie. Bud and Connie will be Don and Stacie's next door neighbor when they move. The Mains love the neighborhood so well, that they are only moving around the corner!

The eight of us proceeded to walk up to Lancaster Avenue with our chairs and covered dishes, chatting about the neighborhood. As we rounded the corner we saw swarms of people, a tent in the middle of the street, heard a Jazz Band playing from the front porch of one of the homes and saw THREE TABLES fulll of cheeses, marinated artichokes, marinated mushrooms, meats, breads, veggies, dips, yada, yada, yada. It was a spread fit for the Roman Empire! We set up our chairs and took our offerings down to the Neff's home. Before we could make it to their front door, however, several people came up to us and introduced themselves! What a thrill! and then we met the Neffs! Now these people own a bakery/restaurant/deli that is one of the most popular ones in the area ~ one I have to go to just before I go to California because I must bring my family Whoopie Pies from there! and what gracious and warm people they are! They made sure we felt welcome and at ease.

Several people told us the history of our home and more than several told us that we were buying into the most desireable neighborhood in the city! This is just a plus to the lovely home we are getting! We met so many people we could not possibly remember all of their names! Everyone seemed to get along well and seemed happy to see each other and welcoming to us.

Several people told us of various get-togethers throughout the year ~ progressive dinners, a Soup Supper where every one brings their own mug, somebody else has a Thanksgiving weekend party, etc., etc., etc. Looks like we'll be busy here! Central Market is within walking distance and then there is "First Fridays" in the City where the Art Gallaries and various stores stay open late, serving wine and cheese, etc. We'll be walking down to that, too.

There are so many opportunities for us to become involved it is almost mind boggling! We are looking forward to it and the time seems to drag. . . . . . . .


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