07 September 2006

It's a new day every day! As each morning dawns we have no idea what the day is going to hold for us! Makes for an exciting life, doesn't it?

Yesterday we made a few more advances towards our eventual sojurn on West Walnut Street. Jim found an Insurance Agent in Lancaster to replace our agent in Lebanon. No sense in traveling an hour just to handle insurance matters now is there? Same company, different agent.

. . . . and then last night we took a ride out to Interiors to see if we could find a sofa we liked. We had already looked at Lazy Boy, JC Penneys and Pier 1 to no avail. Well, at the most expensive furniture store we've been to, don't you know we found THE SOFA??? It was comfortable, yet firm. It was the color we wanted and the length we wanted. It was also a queen size sleeper and can you believe it, it was also in the markdown area?? Besides that, the store will hold it until after we move and deliver it then? How could we go wrong?

Today (Thursday 7 September) was another foggy morning. The Estimator from United Van Lines in Lancaster (Estimator #1) was expected at 8:30 and from the "Family Owned Moving Company" (Estimator #2) was on the calendar for 2PM. In between that I was going to pack more boxes.

At 8:30 sharp, Estimator #1 showed up and we proceeded to go through the house itemizing things I would pack and things they would pack. At 9AM the doorbell rang, and wouldn't you just know, but it was Estimator #2?? What an awkward situation!! I explained to him that I had him on the calendar for 2PM and that Estimator #1 was there at the moment. He apologized and left. Estimator #1 continued to inventory the home, gave me an estimate and left by 9:30 AM. I was very impressed with the professionalism and we will probably go with their company.

At noon, the phone rang and it was Estimator #2, telling me he would not be able to be here at 2PM and that Jim had set up the appointment for 9AM according to the girl in the office. I did not request another appointment and he didn't suggest it. They are out of the picture! I continued to pack.

Jim called the Mortgage Broker and we have locked in an interest rate. One more thing taken care of.

We'll see what tomorrow holds. . .


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