12 September 2006

Four weeks and counting!

Today, Tuesday the 12th, gives us exactly 4 weeks until we close on our new home. Each day I pack more boxes and each day 20 Brookwood looks a little barer. Pictures have been removed from walls in some rooms, and unused beds have been stripped. Boxes full of linens have been packed this week, and what on earth am I going to do with all of those quilts?? Extra towels, sheets and blankets I'm taking to Farmersville Auction, but I just can't bear to have my quilts that I have put so much time and love into, sold for pennies!

Sunday I painted the very old metal clothes hamper that Jim wanted me to throw away. I painted the legs and lid a glossy black and the wicker-looking mesh I painted a beige so it looked like wicker. Last night I made a padded top out of camel colored micro suede and but a black glossy button in the middle. It is hot-glued to the top and is a pretty sharp looking piece, if I must say so myself!

Today I will pack a few more boxes, cover the pillows for the white wicker chair and footstool that matches. I will use the same camel colored micro suede and all three pieces will go into the sitting room off of our bedroom. A theme and color scheme has been established.

We did place 4 ads in the Bargain Spot that runs from today through Thursday. The calls began at 6AM for the riding mower and I've received one for the entertainment center so far. We also are advertising the sofa and push mower. Hopefully they all go today. We've priced them low enough. . . . . .

My best friend (who coincidentally happens to be my husband) and I are really looking forward to our new life in Lancaster. We keep thinking that the time is dragging, but in reality, it is flying. Katrinka is confused, but then what is new?? She climbs in empty boxes and jumps from packed box to packed box.

We know she'll love the new house as much as we will. There is so much for us all to experience in Lancaster. City life will be exciting for all three of us!


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