17 September 2006

We've got a PhD!!

That's a Pile Higher and Deeper than ever before! Time is getting short. With three weeks until the movers appear we've been hustling, hustling, hustling! Packing boxes, labeling boxes and stacking boxes was the main activity this weekend! The pictures on this page only reflects the basement pile ~ there are piles in the guest room and living room, too! The living room has all of the furniture pushed to one side of the room and the boxes on the other! The only thing in the guest room that has not been packed are some of Linda's dresses that are hanging in there. Everything else has been disassembled and/or packed in that room.

On Saturday after an intense morning of labeling and moving boxes, we went on "errands." First stop was to check out a Cherry Entertainment center we had seen on "Craig's List." For $100 this unit was an excellent deal, so we bought it and will pick it up later this week. Second stop was for more packing tape, third stop for more wine and fourth stop was to visit friends and relax!

When we got home, we had a call from Barry, a man that Jim knows from work, and he wanted to buy our sofa. On Sunday he showed up with his girlfriend and they decided to buy it. The gave us $200 and said they would pick it up later. Six short hours later, Barry called and said his girlfriend didn't think it would fit in their mobile home. Now that's a pretty good guess since they are not in the mobile home yet, (it's still occupied) so they are unable to really take measurements and they did not measure the sofa while they were here. I guess that's as good an excuse as any, though! Barry will stop by tomorrow for his $200 back.

On Monday Jim works and Linda has Physical Therapy. Before and after PT she will be packing and/or filling holes in the wall where pictures were removed in preparation for touch-up paint.

On the list for this week we have to meet the Insurance Agent, pack boxes, start changing addresses with various accounts and publications, pack boxes, Jim has a Dentist Appt, pack boxes, Linda has a Dr's Appt, pack boxes, make arrangements to have our new utilities hooked up, pack boxes, get things ready to take to Auction, and finally, pack boxes!


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