20 September 2006

Less than Three Weeks to go . . . . .

Sometimes the time seems to just drag, but on the other hand, time has flown! Yesterday (Tuesday) we wrote a list and finished everything on it! Jim made phone calls about disconnecting utilities in Lititz and putting utilities under our name in Lancaster. Usually this is a job that falls on Linda's shoulders, so having Jim do it enabled Linda to accomplish other tasks. He changed addresses on various accounts and called Southern California Edison and changed our address with them. They'll notify our health insurance, dental insurance, and optical insurance! How easy is that?

In the afternoon we met with the insurance agent and went over our coverages on the new home with her. We gave her a check and she gave us all documentation we needed to close on this home. Her replacement estimate came to 50K more than we paid for this home!

After office hours, due to the miracle of technology, we changed our address with Social Security and PennDot online. PennDot's one address change covered drivers's licenses, voter registration and vehicle registrations. . . .all for one form! Social Security was just as easy. I love the internet!

There are very few addresses left to change at this point, and the only thing left to do is take several loads of stuff to Farmersville on Thursday, answer phone calls for a few things I have listed on Craigslist and in the newspaper, and of course. . . . . PACK!


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