27 September 2006

The auction is over and as far as we know, we did OK.

Tuesday was another busy day. It started early and ended late. Jim cleaned up the breezeway and gathered various "things" around the property that we wanted to take with us. He swept the deck and breezeway, put all the things the Gerlachs wanted in one area, and the things we were taking in another area, etc. He then went to the market and picked up some smaller boxes for Linda's books!

Linda, on the other hand, stayed inside. Her office books were packed, a Lititz 250th Commemorative print was photographed and put on Craig's list and miscellaneous paperwork was done.

The ad for THE entertainment center appeared in the morning's paper and we thought it was a bust. Zero telephone calls. . . . until 11:00 when the first call came in. The man seemed interested and said he'd be here within an hour. At 12:45 when we were getting ready to leave for the auction he appeared, and bought it for the exact amount we had paid! While Jim was helping him load it, Linda was cancelling the ad. One call, one sale. Works for us.

Off we went to Farmersville! When we got there the place was packed! We have never seen so much "stuff" there! As we walked through, we did NOT find our table! We started to panic and then walked outside where they had put more tables! First time we've ever seen that! . . . .and there was our table! close to the spot our "outside" stuff was. At the end of the day, we made over $200 on those two, with Linda's Amish puzzles the big winner to Jim's surprize. Linda knew they'd go over big since that's what the Amish and Mennonites do in the evening! Instead of buying lunch there this time, we each had a chocolate milkshake! What a treat!

Linda, true to her word, tried not to buy anything. She really tried hard, but temptation overtook her and she purchased very old Pennsylvania and Lancaster County history books. Now when I say very old, I mean very old! One of them dates back to 1845! Fifteen books with ten of them being keepers, all for $40! In addition, I "just had to have" a Roseville vase and a wicker dress form. I only made three purchases. . . . . . .

We left the auction about 3PM and followed a farm machine home for about 45 minutes! The traffic was backed up for as far as we could see behind it. After a nap and a sandwich for supper we headed back to the auction to see the furniture.

There was a whole section of Amish-made oak pieces and we went home with a TV stand and end table that matched for our new TV room. After being there for about 2 hours and estimating at least another hour until they got to the area where our "stuff" was, we decided just to leave and find out on Wednesday how we did there.

Today Jim will go back to Farmersville with the van and pick up our furniture purchase and get the final printout of what we are due. On the way home he will stop at the local thrift store and drop off another pile of clothes that have been weeded out as Linda has packed. That is one thing that Farmersville does not take. We'll settle for the tax deduction!

On Thursday, Linda will take more to Farmersville to take just a few more things and pick up the check while Jim goes to work to rest!


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