14 October 2006

Actual "possession" of our home was Tuesday, 10 October after closing which was scheduled for 12:30PM.

Scheduled is the keyword in that sentence. More about that later!

Tuesday started bright and early with a bowl of cereal, glass of OJ and a donut at the Seatons, and then over to 20 Brookwood for the last time! At 6AM we showed up to clean out the refrigerator and freezer, pick up a few last minute things, including Katrinka, vacuum Linda's used to be office which Katrinka slept in, ate in, and used her potty box in.

By 7:15 we bid adieu to our home for the past 4 years and headed south, both cars loaded, to our new abode in Lancaster city. Linda arrived first because Jim had to stop for a cup of Java at the Sheetz gas station. Katrinka and all of her gear was put in the master bathroom just minutes before the moving trucks pulled up ready to unload.

After a walk thru at W. Walnut Street, showtime started! Box after box after box came through the front door and quickly became a stack. . . . . a stack in the living room, a stack in the dining room, a stack in the office, a stack in the front bedroom, a stack in the master bedroom, and a HUGE stack in the basement!! Furniture followed and by 10:00 AM Linda was overwhelmed!

Pat showed up to help, and started unpacking boxes, tearing boxes down, and shoving paper into garbage bags. She stacked dishes, helped make beds, loaded can goods in the pantry and anything else she could do. She was our "babysitter" when we went to the closings of both homes.

The closing for Brookwood was delayed by 1 1/2 hours due to problems our buyers encountered with their buyer! Their buyer waited until they were completely out of their home and then came in with an extra inspector looking for something. She found what they estimated to be about 10K worth of problems and wanted them to escrow the funds to have the problems repaired. Putting 10K into escrow put them short to close on our home so they were scrambling to come up with the additional funds. By 12:30 we received a call that they had the problem corrected and we could now finalize the sale.

Since the office was only 10 minutes away, we left and waited an additional 45 minutes at the office for the paperwork to be approved and both parties to show up. Dennis showed up; Heather never did. They finally had us sign the papers so we could go finalize the purchase of our new home, sans the check!

By 1:45, Chad received a call that our check was ready and as we were signing documents, he ran back to the other office, picked up the check and brought it to the closing of the W. Walnut Street property. Talk about stressful! If there was anyone who was stressed, it had to be the purchasers of our home.

The Lancaster home was ours, the house on Brookwood in Lititz wasn't! We are officially Lancastarians!. . . . or whatever residents of Lancaster are called!

The movers finally finished unloading and carrying in our worldly possessions by 4:00 with no major mishaps. Their only complaint was about all the boxes of books that had to be carried to the third floor! Which is one reason we hired movers! Think we wanted to carry all those up those flights of stairs???

More about our experiences in our new city later!!


Blogger Gregg said...

Nothing like reading about someone else's misery to act as a cathartic release for your own problems. ;-) Our house in Los Angeles hasn't sold in four months, so I'm back out trying to get it sold which, according to a second opinion, means replacing the carpet, the ceilings, the tile, the kitchen counters, and one of the bathrooms. And I thought I was done with construction! I brought two suitcases of clothes, an inflatable bed, a laptop computer, and a roll of toilet paper. Yesterday I finally broke down and bought an apartment refrigerator, because living out of an ice chest is humiliating. Tonight I'm chipping off the old kitchen counter tile, as the tile guy will be here at 8am to start prepping for the new counters. (And obviously I'm procrastinating, or I wouldn't be here...)

Monday, 06 November, 2006  

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