07 October 2006

Friday is gone and Linda's Office looks stark.

"The Packer" from the Movers showed up right on time. I showed him what needed to be done, showed him the boxes we had, and he got right to work. He packed a box full of games and miscellaneous "stuff" in the basement and then started taking picture boxes upstairs. In 2 1/2 hours he had all the pictures packed, the Tiffany lampshades and the miscellaneous items in the basement. I watched him pack "The Lamp" since this was one of my main concerns. He was ready to go upstairs and finish packing my office, when I changed my mind and told him I could finish it myself. I watched him work, learned a few little tricks I wish I had known about 2 months ago and decided it would be a piece of cake! He left the roll of tape he was using, and the stack of paper he had not finished and off he went. By the time Jim got home, Linda's Office was finished!

Every cupboard and closet is empty and clean. The doors to them are shut and won't be opened again by the Stienstras. There are boxes EVERYWHERE!!! Big boxes, little boxes, long boxes, tall boxes, boxes that have been put together by two boxes, and bundles that have simply been shrink wrapped! Katrinka simply sits in a corner and looks bewildered. Once in awhile she will climb to the top of the stack and just survey her surroundings.

Remember my favorite shopping portal? Overstock.com? Well, two weeks ago they had an Art sale. Every piece of art was 10% off and s/h was $1.00. I have not mentioned this before because I had ordered a surprise for Jim and since he reads the updates on this blog, I did not want him to know about it. Yesterday it arrived and I gave it to him. We have decided to put it over the fireplace. Think it will look nice with the black slate fireplace? This measures 28" square and is an Ansel Adams print titled "Oaktree, Sunrise, Northern California, 1966." It reminded me of the ride from Tehachapi down the hill into Bakersfield, and I was sure Jim would see the similiarities as well. He loved it! He could see what I saw in it and was delighted with it! These California Oaks dot the hillsides all over Central California.

The quality of this print is excellent, the packing superior! . . . . . . and the price? Let's say, I saved quite a bit on this and spent a little over $100 by the time the discount had been figured and a coupon I had was used!

Just as Jim was opening it, Jody, our painter friend showed up. She had been told we were moving and wanted to say good bye. We explained no good byes were necessary since we had a little work for her in the new home. We'd like some crown moulding added in the Dining Room, a ceiling painted in the downstairs bathroom and little things here and there. Jody is our painter of choice! She has done a lot of work in this house and was surprised we were leaving.

After a glass of wine and leftover pizza we sat down to watch what was left of the news. Jim took his pre-bedtime nap and I played a few games on the computer. It had been a long day for both of us.

Two more days at 20 Brookwood. . . .


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