01 October 2006

Today "should be" the seventh day and a day of rest.

Should be, but won't be! With just 5 days until the packers will be here, we want to beat them to the draw, so to speak! The two guest rooms have been completely packed as have the master bedroom, master bathroom, family room, living room and dining room. The seven easy rooms are done! Today we need to concentrate on Linda's office, the kitchen and the basement. As evident in the picture above, the pile in the living room now either matches, or surpasses the one in the basement!

The kitchen is pretty much along, we have the pantry and just a few cupboards to pack at this point. The basement is in the same condition. We have, perhaps, 4 or 5 boxes to pack, and then clean and patch walls where pictures were hung and shelves were attached. Linda's office, on the other hand, is a completely different story! The desk is covered with paper that needs attention, the closet has all those books containing her genealogy that needs individual attention, and all of the electronics need to be disconnected and packed! We will live off of the laptop for the next week.

We looked at the most beautiful entertainment center on Thursday evening. We found it on, of course, Craig's List! We both fell in love with it instantly. However! It is MASSIVE! and won't fit through the door of our little 1880 home. If it did, it would be the primary focal point in our living room, and we don't want a TV to be the focal point of any room!!

We have packed all of the dishes, and are now eating off of disposable plates. We refuse to eat with plastic silverware, however! Pots and pans have been packed and we've kept out one skillet and one pot. Anything that needs to be cooked in anything other than one of those two vessels will
not be consumed in this home. . . . unless it is brought in fully cooked!

The dining room chairs were reupholstered (by Linda, of course) with burgundy microsuede fabric. What a difference. It brings out the grain in the wood and is beautiful ~ even Jim agrees.

Final tally from Farmersville for last week was $250. We'll see what happens this next Tuesday, as the Cruiser was loaded to the point the rear view mirror could not be used ~ the outside mirrors were all that could be used.

We've been to Church, had our Jim-made breakfast and we've read the Sunday paper,
and now it's time to get to work.


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