02 October 2006

This is "the" lamp that is dictating style in our new living room.

Several weeks ago, when we went to the Farmersville Auction to see how our items were doing, I bid on this, thinking I would not get it. I always set a maximum in my mind, and this one was set at $25. Well! Surprise, surprise! $7 actually got this jewel!!!

The inside of the unique black lampshade is gold. The finial is solid brass and heavy-y-y! The top of the lamp shade is brass, and the little circle that fits onto the lamp where the finial is placed has "F. Cooper" stamped into the brass.

When I got home, I looked up "F. Cooper lamps" on the internet, and what I found was Frederick Cooper lamps are very, very expensive! In fact, there are only nine outlets to purchase them in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The lampshades, alone are $75 each! and that is for the plain white ones! I have no idea what this black and gold one would be!!

Then I went on BizRate.com to see what the lamps sell for. OMIGOSH!!! Frederick Cooper lamps, and there are five pages worth on this site, sell for between $300 and $800!!! and I did not go through all five pages! $7??? Did I get a deal, or what???

To learn more about Frederick Cooper lamps, visit their website.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful lamps I have ever seen!

It will be the focal point of our living room!


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