07 October 2006

The pile has spread like a fungus! It has gone from room to room!

The living room, as seen above, is almost completely full of boxes, with a few pieces of furniture pushed over to the side. It's very difficult to get to the blinds to open them in the morning and close them in the evening. If you look closely, you can see Katrinka Dinka Do, peering from around those large boxes. She figures out the right vantage points to keep tabs on our comings and goings and there she sits until we change the floors we are on!

We are wrapping up a few things today and are now on our third roll of shrink wrap. That means that over 2000 feet of shrink wrap will have to be cut off of things we find necessary for every day existance! That's a whole lot of shrink wrap, folks! But it sure is easier to use than to wrap every individual item, or in regards to my desk, put every thing in order and get it filed! Shrink wrapping stacks of paper works a whole lot easier. In fact, we've decided to keep a roll handy at all times, after we move!

My beautiful dining room is now a staging area for Monday, full of boxes, Rubbermaid tubs, and shrink wrapped rugs and carpets. They are stacked four high and three deep. This is only one of four different rooms that has boxes ranging in size "too heavy to lift" to "very light, but please handle with care!" I have cast iron doorstops and my five, two and one pound weights in boxes, and in one box, I have one piece of coral! Those poor movers won't know what to expect next when they pick up a box. Is it heavy? Is it light? If it's large, there is no guarantee that it is heavy, and of course, if it's small, that doesn't mean it's lightweight! Keep 'em guessing, that's my motto!

This is the guest room, ain't never been used for storage before! Now it's another staging area for the movers! We have not only moved the packed boxes into this room, but all the furniture from the 3rd bedroom, and my office into this room. The third bedroom and my office are now empty (except for the few pieces the new owner wants), cleaned and ready to have the door shut. Two rooms down!

Bonus question: Can you find the items that have been shrink wrapped in this picture??
Correct answer: Yup, those three items on top of the boxes! Linda's Office supplies!!

. . . and this is what the basement now looks like! Can you count the boxes? We can't, but I'm sure the United Moving Company representative will! Closest guess wins! Wins what? Why the opportunity to unpack these boxes, of course!!

Tomorrow we'll load the cars with the things we'll transport, clean the refrigerator and do all the laundry before we have to disconnect the washer and dryer for the move. We'll probably go to lunch or dinner and get ready for an early Monday morning!

Another day on Brookwood before we move to Paradise!


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