06 October 2006

After Today I should have two days of rest. . . . .

The packers will be here in an hour and the entire house should be packed. No TV, no computer, save the laptop, of course, no dishes, no ironing board (hip hip hooray!) just me, my cat, and my husband. Until Monday morning when the movers show up.

This weekend should be a relaxing one, after all, I can't work. Can't fill holes where pictures were; walls are covered with boxes to be moved. Can't vaccuum; carpets are covered with boxes to be moved. Guess I'll have to play!

Yesterday was the big push in my office. I just bundled things according to size, and shrink wrapped bundles! I shrink wrapped my in basket, I shrink wrapped stacks of files, I shrink wrapped my pencils & pens. The cat is lucky she didn't get in my way! I filled all the holes where pictures were in the family room, painted the spots and then went on to the hallway and dining room. There were, of course, spots I couldn't reach because of the stack of baskets, but I did catch a few of them.

Like this picture I purchased on Overstock.com for the dining room? Think it will match my chairs? Give the dining room a touch of color, but still simple and calming. Overstock.com has it listed as "Exotic Orchard." Think they mean "Orchid"?? This measures about 31" x 25" and cost under $120! I love Overstock.com!! They are furnishing my new home! I've bought sheets, a comforter, several duvet covers, a wonderful wool coat, winter boots, Christmas gifts, an end table, a glider for the courtyard, etc., etc., etc. All with $1 s/h!! Can't beat it, and I've compared prices and their prices can't be beat!

Better get a bowl of cereal and get dressed. It's daylight out there and I'm sure the packers are on their way!

. . . .and so starts the last Friday we'll spend at 20 Brookwood Dr.


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